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If you’ve been vaccinated you’re already dead

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If you’ve been injected with a Covid vaccination you’re already dead.

You’re just too stupid to realise it yet.

If you thought that you’d get it to go on holiday. Dur

If you got it to keep grandma safe. Dur.

The Government has poisened you and you’re stupid.

I won’t miss most of you because of the aforementioned stupidity.

It will probably be for the better but I’m not comfortable with the Nazis in charge.

Just thought I’d write it down

You are all stupid. 🙄

Let’s take an experimental Mrna vaccine in case Grandma gets a cold. FFS 🙄

I Really don’t like their methods but i can see where they’re coming from.

We’ve had two years of this bullshit and there are still people wearing masks. On their own. Outside.

I despaired for humanity when the Arch Lunatic Tony Blair got elected for the third time.

You deserve what you get because you’re Gullable and stupid.

I don’t know what pressure our politicians are under. Maybe Zuckerberg has his finger on the key. It has to stop now Bomb us. It would be better than living like this.

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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