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Your ‘Vaccine’ is poisonous and you should be very, very angry!

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As mounting evidence shows the so called vaccines against the covid19 virus contain graphene oxide and are very likely to kill you.

UPDATE – Another video from the inventor of this type of vaccine

You will probably think I’m a conspiracy theorist, that I wear a tinfoil hat and that I should be popped into a padded room to calm down a bit but watch the two videos included in this post, do your own research (tip don’t use google it’s censored) then make up your own mind.

Then get very, very angry.

It has been obvious though from the start of this ‘pandemic’ that the measures taken to allegedly slow the spread of the virus have had nothing to do with the virus and have been about social conditioning. About creating a climate of fear so that you will become compliant and do as you’re told, accepting of the measures introduced.

Also on
The reason so many died throughout the ‘pandemic’ was because the Government killed them – DELIBERATELY!

The censorship of opinions, facts and free speech should tell you all you need to know. If they were telling you the truth they wouldn’t need to censor anybody as the facts would speak for themselves. The bodies would be piling up in the streets. The science irrefutable.

What we have had is an endless propaganda war where you have been bombarded with the official narrative which no-one is allowed to challenge.

This has led to the worldwide roll-out of the Covid 19 vaccines. A vaccine which doesn’t stop you getting the virus it’s supposed to protect you against. A vaccine which doesn’t stop you spreading the virus it’s supposed to protect you against. In short it’s not a vaccine at all. But we all have to have it. Regardless of need. To protect others. Others? It doesn’t even protect the recipient.

Please watch this video in which Miguel Escobar tells his local school board the truth about covid and that the vaccine is killing more people than the virus ever has. That the death rates for this vaccine are unprecidented.

So if it’s not to protect you against the virus what’s it for? A very good question to which I do not know the answer but they all contain graphene oxide, a substance toxic to human beings. So it’s really not going to be doing you any good.

Graphene oxide is now in your blood if you’ve been a recipient of one of these ‘vaccines’ which if subject to a strong enough electromagnetic force will destroy all living cells it comes into contact with. I expect they’ll flip a switch and you’ll all drop down dead. Sorry.

Some science –

The Molecular Influence of Graphene and Graphene Oxide on the Immune System Under In Vitro and In Vivo Conditions

Graphene and graphene oxide (GO), due to their physicochemical properties and biocompatibility, can be used as an innovative biomedical material in biodetection, drug distribution in the body, treating neoplasms, regenerative medicine, and in implant surgery. Research on the biomedical use of graphene and GO that has been carried out until now is very promising and shows that carbon nanomaterials present high biocompatibility. However, the intolerance of the immune system to graphene nanomaterials, however low, may in consequence make it impossible to use them in medicine.

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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